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      High pure molybdenum trioxide
      Molecular formula:


      Properties: light yellow powder


      molybdenum trioxide assay ≥99.9% AI ≤0.001%
      Si ≤0.001% Cu ≤0.0005%
      Fe ≤0.001% Ni ≤0.001%
      Mg ≤0.001% W ≤0.02%
      Ti ≤0.001% Pb ≤0.0005%
      K ≤0.01% Cr ≤0.001%
      K+Na ≤0.012% Sn ≤0.0005%

      used in the making of molybdenum powder, pigment, catalyst, additives

      Packing: Net 25kg,cardboard drum , woven bag , plastic bag lined composite kraft paper bag or 50kg in plastic bag lined metal pail.
      Sign: product name, gross weight , net weight , assay , Lot , factory.

      High pure molybdenum trioxide Safety Data Sheet Chinese name:Molyxlic trioxide
      English name:Molyxlic trioxide
      Molecular formula:Mo03
      Structural formula:
      CAS No.:1313-27-5
      Molecular weight:143.94
      RTECS No.:QA4725000
      HS code:
      UN code:
      Hazardous good code:
      IMDG regulation page:
      Appearance and characters:white powder.
      Main use:used as acitivator in petroleum industry, and used to produce metal molybdenum.
      Melting point:795
      Boiling point:1155
      Relative density(water=1):4.6920 Relative density(air=1):
      Saturated vapor pressure(Kpa):
      Critical temperature(℃):
      Combustion heat(kj/mol):
      Avoiding touching condition:
      Low explosive limit(V%):
      Solubility:insoluble in water and soluble in concentrated inorganic acid and alkali
      Critical pressure(Mpa):
      Fire insurance grade:
      Self-ignition temperature (℃):
      Upper explosive limit(V%):
      Packing type:
      Storage cautions:Store in cool and ventilated storeroom, and prevent moisture and drench. Please pay more attention to personal defense during packing and transportation.

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